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Why do I need a tooth extraction?

If you need a tooth extraction in Germantown, there are various reasons why. For example, it may be that the tooth is too damaged and can’t be saved, or it could be wisdom teeth coming in at the wrong angle.

If you need a dental extraction, your dentist will explain why and discuss the options.

Dental Extraction in Germantown, MD

Reasons you may need a dental extraction include:

  • The tooth broke at or below the gumline
  • Deep and untreated decay-causing fractures
  • Before orthodontics or dentures
  • Encroaching or partially erupting wisdom teeth

If you need extraction due to decay or breakage, your dentist will discuss tooth replacement options. It’s essential to replace missing teeth to keep your bite force level and intact. A complete smile also prevents tooth migration, which can lead to wear and tear on healthy teeth.

Tooth replacement options may include a dental bridge or implant.

Contact Your Dentist in Germantown, MD

If you have a broken tooth, we encourage you to contact our dental office to arrange a consultation with the dentist. Broken teeth can lead to infection and further tooth loss. Therefore, taking care of the problem is crucial to your long-term oral health.  

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