Tooth Extraction in Germantown, MD

Germantown man in pain from infected tooth Each tooth plays a vital role in maintaining excellent oral health. At Century Dental, we never recommend tooth extraction until we know that there are no options left to save it. 

We know that nobody wants to hear that they’re losing a tooth to extraction. Dr. Fernando Archuleta and our caring dental team understand your feelings and ensure that you have the most comfortable, stress-free procedure possible.

Reasons for Tooth Extraction

There are several reasons why our dentist in Germantown, MD recommends tooth extraction as the healthiest, safest option:

  • A tooth is decayed beyond what a crown or filling can restore
  • A tooth infection has advanced beyond what a root canal can treat
  • A tooth has become loose due to advanced gum disease
  • A tooth has broken off below the gum line and can’t be saved

We may also recommend tooth extraction to prepare for dentures, dental implants, or orthodontic treatment.

We Want You to Be Informed

Deciding to have a tooth removed is a big deal, and we want you to feel fully confident about the process before moving forward. In some cases, we have no choice—your oral health depends on us removing the tooth, and we’ll tell you when that’s the case.

Using digital x-rays, intraoral cameras, and advanced 3-D cone beam imaging, they’ll show you the damaged tooth in great detail. You will see for yourself how the tooth affects your oral health and how removing it will benefit you.

Your Tooth Extraction Procedure

Dental hygienist showing x-ray before tooth extraction in GermantownBefore we begin your procedure, Dr. Archuleta will numb the area using powerful local anesthetics. While you will experience some pressure, numbing the tooth ensures that you won’t feel any pain. 

After we remove the tooth, our dental team will provide post-procedure instructions for at-home care. Proper care of the extraction site in the first 24 hours is crucial for a successful recovery and avoiding a painful complication called dry socket. 

Follow the instructions exactly, take any prescribed medication, and call us if you have questions or concerns.  

Tooth Replacement Options

When you’re ready to talk tooth replacement, let us know. It’s best for your oral health, confidence, and comfort to replace missing teeth as soon as possible. 

Dr. Archuleta will be happy to present our different tooth replacement options, including bridges, dentures, and dental implants. Having a plan to restore your smile can help you feel more comfortable moving forward with the procedure.

Do You Need Tooth Extraction in Germantown, MD?

If you have a problematic tooth and think it may need to be removed, please call Century Dental to schedule an appointment. Dr. Archuleta will evaluate the situation and let you know if extraction is the right step or if there’s a way that we might be able to save the tooth.

It’s best to plan your procedure, but if you are in pain or think you need an emergency tooth extraction, we can help you.