Teeth Whitening in Germantown, MD

Germantown woman hugging man from behind while smilingA beautiful, healthy-looking smile gives you a sense of confidence when you interact with others and helps you make great first impressions in social and business settings. If your dull or discolored teeth make you want to hide your smile, teeth whitening can help you. 

At Century Dental, we want you to enjoy the benefits of a bright, attractive smile. We are pleased to offer professional teeth whitening treatment designed to fit your lifestyle and deliver stunning results in a short amount of time.

Teeth Whitening Options for Your Brightest Smile

Our teeth naturally discolor as we age. Surface tooth enamel wears and opens up tiny pores that attract food and stains from beverages like red wine, coffee, and dark tea. Even in your twenties, you may notice that your bright white smile is looking a little dull and faded.

In-Office Whitening Delivers Fast, Brilliant Results

Professional teeth whitening turns back the clock and restores your smile to its youthful brightness. If you want the whitest smile in the shortest time possible, our Zoom! in-office whitening treatment is a good choice for you. 

Prescription Whitening Strips for Use at Home 

If you prefer at-home teeth whitening, our prescription-strength strips have a no-slip design that helps them stay in place on your teeth. Your supply includes enough strips for two weeks when used once a day and removes stubborn tooth staining. 

Keep Your Smile Bright After Whitening

Germantown dentist comparing woman's teeth to shade guide after teeth whiteningOnce you reach your goal of a bright, white smile, you’ll never want to go back to dull and stained teeth! You don’t have to if you follow some basic steps:

  • Conscientious oral hygiene: Brush twice a day and floss once to remove plaque buildup that creates a dull film on your teeth. Be sure that your efforts are productive by asking your hygienist to show you the correct methods.
  • Avoid staining foods: Coffee, red wine, dark tea, curries, and beets are just a few of the foods and drinks that stain your teeth. If you do indulge, drink lots of water and brush your teeth afterward.
  • Don’t smoke or use tobacco products: You can’t keep your smile bright and white if you use tobacco. Aside from all the other health problems, smoking and chewing tobacco deposits ugly brown stains on your teeth that are difficult to remove, even with professional whitening.

A Brighter Smile Starts at Our Germantown Office!

If you want to give your smile a boost but aren’t interested in cosmetic dental treatments, teeth whitening might be the answer! 

We always recommend professional teeth cleaning before whitening. Getting rid of all the plaque and tartar on your teeth leaves behind a clean surface that allows the whitening gel to come in full contact with tooth enamel. The result is a brighter, more consistently white smile. 

If you’re ready to get started with teeth whitening, please call our Germantown, MD dental office!