Dental Crowns & Bridges in Germantown

dental crowns in germantownTooth restorations like dental crowns and bridges play an essential role in preserving your smile’s health. If you have damaged teeth, our high-quality crowns protect and strengthen them; if you have missing teeth, a fixed bridge is an excellent tooth replacement solution.

Dr. Fernando Archuleta designs and places durable crowns and bridges that restore function and allow you to chew comfortably again. They also take time to ensure that your restoration looks natural and blends beautifully with your smile.

Why Our Dentist Recommends Dental Crowns

A dental crown is designed like a cap to cover a damaged tooth to give it a second chance. We commonly use crowns at our Germantown dental office to protect, strengthen, and support teeth when:

  • A tooth is too decayed to fix with a filling
  • A broken tooth needs protection from chewing forces
  • A root-canaled tooth requires additional support
  • A dental implant needs a tooth restoration

At Century Dental, we offer crowns in various materials, including porcelain, zirconia, gold, and porcelain-fused-to-metal. Our experienced dentist will let you know which is most appropriate for you after evaluating your needs.

Steps Involved with Getting a Crown in Germantown

Placing a dental crown on your tooth typically requires two appointments spaced about two weeks apart.

First, we take digital x-rays and intraoral photos of your teeth to diagnose the problem and determine if a crown is the best solution for you.

Planning Your Custom Dental Crown

graphic of dental crownFirst, we numb your tooth to be sure you don’t feel any pain. Next, Dr. Archuleta carefully removes a layer of tooth enamel to ensure the crown sits flush against your gumline for a natural look.

We take impressions of the prepared tooth that a custom dental lab uses to prepare your final crown. Before you leave our Germantown dental office, we’ll select the perfect shade of white for your new crown to match your surrounding teeth seamlessly.

The final step is to place a temporary crown on the tooth to protect it.

Placing Your Final Crown on Your Tooth

When the dental lab finishes your custom crown, you’ll return to Century Dental, and we will place it on your tooth. Our dentist will adjust the crown for fit as needed, polish it, and cement it securely to your tooth.

Replace Missing Teeth with a Dental Bridge

We recommend dental bridges in Germantown for patients who are missing one or two teeth in a row. At Century Dental, we always recommend replacing missing teeth for aesthetic reasons and to prevent surrounding teeth from moving and drifting into the open space.

A dental bridge is an excellent solution that replaces the missing tooth to restore chewing function and complete your smile. The process for getting a bridge is the same as for a dental crown.

Is a Dental Bridge or Crown Right for You?

At Century Dental, we enjoy providing the services our Germantown patients need for beautiful, comfortable smiles that function well. If you have broken or lost teeth and want to learn about your options to restore them, please call Century Dental for an appointment.