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What happens during root canal treatment?

If you require a root canal treatment in Germantown, MD, you have a deep infection at the center of your tooth. These infections can be painful, cause swelling, and disrupt your day. Without treatment, you’re looking at sleepless nights and an ache that won’t quit.

woman getting root canal treatment in Germantown dental officeFortunately, a root canal treatment relieves the discomfort while restoring your tooth to health.

Treatment requires numbing the area and clearing the deep infection. The tooth canal is then rinsed and filled temporarily. Finally, your dentist crowns the tooth to prevent breakage and restore function at a future appointment.

In our dental office, we use rotary endodontics, which provides you with an easier and often faster root canal treatment compared with the older manual instruments.

Root infections are largely avoidable with regular dental care and excellent oral hygiene. These habits not only lower your risk for root infection but also cavities and gingivitis, saving you time and money on future treatments.

For Root Canal Treatment, Contact Your Germantown, MD Dentist

If you suspect a root infection, it’s crucial to seek a diagnosis as soon as possible. Mild pain can escalate to severe discomfort and a dental emergency in no time.

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