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Why do I need a dental crown instead of a filling?

If your dentist in Germantown, MD says you need a dental filling, it’s because you have a cavity. A cavity is an area of decay on your tooth. If a cavity is not filled promptly, it grows in most cases. So what once needed a simple tooth filling now requires a dental crown.

man smiling during dental exam in GermantownImportance of Regular Dental Visits

The best way to catch a cavity in the early or emerging stages is to visit your dentist regularly for checkups and teeth cleanings. You’ll not have to worry about cavities growing and requiring a complete tooth crown if you do this.

You may think that you’ll notice an emerging cavity, but not necessarily. Cavities can start between teeth or in a place that you can’t see—behind teeth or the back of the mouth, for example.

As the area of decay increases, you may notice tooth sensitivity or a discolored spot on your tooth. Failure to treat cavities can lead to tooth breakage.

A tooth-colored filling is a composite material applied to the treated tooth. But a dental crown is a cover that fits over the entire tooth.

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